Hello, and thanks for visiting the site! Allow me to tell you a little about myself and my company so you can get acquainted with our services and discover the ways we can work together to improve your home or business.

I'm a carpet contractor for hire who's been in the flooring business since 1997. BW CARPET was first registered with the State of New Jersey in 2004 and has been rolling ever since. During my many years doing installation work for high volume retailers, I learned a great deal about the relationship with the customer and what is required to achieve their goals. Today I'm dedicated to dealing one on one with the customer and building solid relationships with a loyal customer base.

My goal is to commit my time to working with you on your project, not racing from job to job trying to boost a giant corporation's bottom line. We all know how giant companies sometimes get "too busy" and mislead and neglect customers. With BW CARPET, you will deal directly with the person who'll do the job, and never be transferred to another department, put on endless hold, or given the runaround. I handle all sales and installations personally and schedule to allow the proper time needed to complete your job.

I look forward to hearing from you, as each carpet project is different and unique. I am ready to help you warm up, freshen up, and improve your home!

Bill Wimmer

Owner and founder,